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The Past

I have been a life-long historical fiction reader since my mother brought home “Little Women” from the library. The story of my heroine, Beth, so touched me the heart-wrenching scene where she passes away was compulsively reread. In Grade 4 at the time, I insisted I be known as Beth (derived from my middle name) in honour of Elizabeth March for a greater part of that school year.

I have since reverted to my first name, but my devotion to historical fiction remains. I have read thousands of novels over the years. My fascination with historical fiction is twofold:

  • escapism into another world;
  • learning about history.

There are some that say a person cannot learn history by reading historical fiction. I beg to differ. Many, many novels have inspired me to conduct research on a particular time period or event to gain a greater understanding of how a historical event shaped the evolving universe to the world of today. There are so many examples of this. For instance, what if King John had not been forced to sign the Magna Carta? Would developed countries of today still live under anarchy?  Maybe not, but it’s still a pivotal event.

When I was forced to retire due to health issues in 2000, I began my writing career. After completion of a Creative Writing Certificate course, I began writing short stories and flash fiction, some of which are published in anthologies, magazines and online.

Professional freelance writing became my next career for some years, writing primarily web content for clients.  Thousands of my articles are online. I also ghostwrote books, created encyclopedia entries and newsletters, among other assignments. I became both a freelance writer and a client. I hired other freelancers to assist me on projects, so I’ve experienced both sides of the coin.

The Present

I decided to review historical fiction novels under “Darlene Williams HF Reviews”. This just wasn’t enough for me. I took several writing courses online and through the University of British Columbia and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The confidence to work on my projects is now within me. Research books have accumulated. Used bookstores are a favorite haunt.

Coming in 2014  is Freelance Writing Express – How to Earn $$$ Within Two Weeks on Constant Content, Elance, and Guru. I am excited to share my career knowledge of freelance writing through both the guidebook and mentoring sessions. I offer mentoring sessions for aspiring freelance writers. Through these sessions, I share how to kick-start a freelance writing career and start earning money within a few weeks. Freelance Writing Express is based solely on my experiences and a system I personally developed to achieve to success.

I am a copy editor and proofreader specializing in fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, web content and articles. Accolades received include:

“…commend you on the professional presentation of your work. The fact I live on the other side of the world to you, made not the slightest difference.  I will be happy to recommend your services to other writers.”

Margaret Muir, Author

“Though I thought I had my article pretty well polished, I was surprised to see many changes by Darlene that I agree were needed. It convinced me all the more that a writer needs another trained eye on their manuscript. I also appreciate Darlene’s friendly manner.”

Debra Brown, Author

“A great job! I go over my stuff with a fine tooth comb, but Darlene Williams, with her sharp eye and thoroughness, not only found errors I didn’t even know were errors, but improved the content and vocabulary of my manuscript, too. Highly recommended. You won’t go wrong here!”

Linda Banche, Author

“Darlene Williams proofread a nonfiction book for me on short notice. She was thorough and efficient, and I recommend her highly.”

Susan Higginbotham, Author

“You will be on my radar for my next novel…”

K.P. Kollenborn, Author

“My advisor is[sic] been trying different proofreadings [sic], and after looking at the work you did on my paper,[sic] He asked other people from my research center to send their drafts to you.”

Jessica G., Tecnológico de Monterrey

The Future

I hope authors continue place their trust in me to edit and proofread their manuscripts. It has been an amazing journey thus far.

I am deep into research on the autobiography of a North Carolina slave woman. This remarkable woman gripped from her first words. This will likely be a trilogy, as there is so much to be written about her and her life logically falls into phases.

Before “My Name is Harriet” comes to life, I do believe there is a surprise novel lurking inside me. I plan to explore this unexpected muse fully.

Harriet is a deep subject, and I want to do her justice. Honing my writing skills is one of the best methods I can think of to honor Harriet.

I hope you, my readers, follow me on my journey to publication. To borrow George R.R. Martin’s oft-quoted :

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.”

My aspiration is to live more lives with you.

I am a member of the following:

  • Historical Novel Society
  • Editorial Freelancers Association
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  • LibraryThing
  • Shelfari
  • Book Tweeting Service Reviewer
  • World Literacy Cafe
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