10950924Heidi Garrett invited me via Twitter a couple of days ago to participate in a birthday blog hop in honor of author, Alice Hoffman.  Alice is celebrating her birthday today, March 16.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

I was introduced to Alice Hoffman’s writing through a random purchase at Costco.  The Dovekeepers was stacked on a table and it looked interesting.  As you all know, I’m like a crow with shiny objects when I spot a historical fiction novel!

When I start a novel, I habitually check out what else the author has written and read the accolades.  The Dovekeepers has about 5 pages of praise.  The following is from Jodi Picoult, which really sums up the impact of The Dovekeepers:

I am still reeling from The Dovekeepers–from the history Alice Hoffman illuminates, from the language she uses to bring these women to life.  This novel is a testament to the human spirit and to love rising from the ashes of war.  But most of all, this novel is one that will never be forgotten by a reader.

I read this novel over a year ago (my review is here).  It’s since been given as gifts to family and friends and recommended to numerous people.  I was just that blown away.  And I still am.

When an author captures my heart with a novel, I tend to poke around and research the events depicted.  What I discovered made this novel all the more incredible.  Alice Hoffman, in a YouTube video, speaks about what inspired her to write The Dovekeepers.

After you’ve listened to Alice, the picture below gives an even starker view of inhospitable, desolate Masada.


Finally, Rhoda Baxter kindly asked me to write a guest post about a novel I inherited from the previous generation and which novel I would leave for the future reason and why.

Happy Birthday Alice Hoffman!


Alice Hoffman's Birthday Blog Hop