On my “The Next Big Thing” blog hop post, I revealed the subject of my first historical fiction novel.

My head has been in virtual 19th century Edenton, North Carolina, for much of this year.  I came across a particular website dedicated to Harriet Jacobs, supported by a Edenton Historical foundation.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered a 3 day symposium on Harriet is scheduled for May.  Envision the adrenaline rush when a return email advises me Jean Fagan Yellin, author of Harriet Jacobs A Life, is scheduled as a speaker.  Dr. Yellin spent 20 years of her life researching Harriet.  She is THE preeminent authority on Harriet’s life.

Cost of the symposium:  $25, including lunch.  Hard to beat that kind of deal.

Stumbling factor is I live on the East Coast in Vancouver, Canada.  I spent the next few days wondering how on earth I could attend this symposium.  Then I looked up airfares on Expedia.  $600 return.

I’m going to hang with Harriet in North Carolina in May!  My very first research trip.  I’m going to visit places (Edenton restores historical sites; it doesn’t rebuild them) where Harriet breathed, walked and lived.  What an incredible honor.

Edenton, from the pictures I saw on the internet, looks like a lovely town.   May can’t come soon enough for me.