How does a person express their horror at the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut?  No words exist to truly convey emotions.

As a group, Indie authors generally struggle to pay their bills every month, often skimping on necessities to make ends meet.   Many cannot contribute financially, but there are other methods of making a difference.

The following is a post by Stephen L. Wilson, who created an event on Facebook called “Indies in Action”

Please, at least help spread the word. Thank you!

What the people in Connecticut are enduring is tragic. I live too far away, and have no financial means to contribute in any significant way. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t help.   I am organizing an anthology to be published within a week or so, with the proceeds going to the victims of the unimaginable tragedy which occurred on this day. There is no doubt that indie and traditional authors will want to utilize their natural creative outlet anyway, …

and I see this as an opportunity to organize an effort which WILL make a difference. The event is to be considered a continual work in progress until complete, which means that all input regarding the project is appreciated. At the time of this writing, there are no limitations regarding length, style or content, however, I reserve the rights to final selections, edits and/or contributions. Thanks for understanding!

If you are an author, and wish to contribute your work to a fund-raising anthology, you may feel free to join our group, “Indies In Action (IIA)”. Before joining or submitting your work, please consider the following:
* Your work will be considered free to use as necessary for the anthology

* No other publication, publisher or individual, expressly named or implied, shall have any copyright interest in the submitted work

* You understand that there are no royalties, and that the proceeds will be forwarded to help the victims in Connecticut

* Your work will remain your own, to distribute how you please, with no interest claimed on behalf of the anthology, its creators, or any other affiliated entity or individual

* All other works, as well as the finished anthology and related drafts, shall be considered copyrighted by Stephen L. Wilson, and may not be used unless by expressed, written consent as applicable by law

If you are NOT an author, but wish to participate and show your support for the project, or if you have skills, sources or information which may be helpful, please feel free to join the group “Indies In Action (IIA)” as well.

Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word. Time is short, but the window is there for authors who wish to contribute to this charitable opportunity.

I do not have a written contribution to offer on such short notice, but I can assist by spreading the word.  This is what this post is about:  gathering material for the anthology,  asking for help compiling the anthology and promotional and social media skills.

To join this group, please go to

For Indies in Action and submission of written pieces, please visit  Stephen posted today he has already received 20,000 words.

I add my plea to Stephen’s.  Please consider contributing to this anthology and promotion.