This week has been one of adventure for me.  It’s only Wednesday and I have stretched myself in 3 different ways.

On Sunday, I was on lead vocals for church services.  I thought I would be extremely nervous.  Singing with a microphone in front of hundreds of people, I was positive my voice would squeak.  To my amazement, no squeak!  Just pure exhilaration.  A monster has been created!

Also on Sunday, I submitted my entry to America’s Next Author.  I’ve spent almost 2 years sitting in the reviewer’s chair.  Now my work is up for review.  I suffered anxiety writing Leaf Chronicles, worried my talent was in my head not on paper.  Nonetheless, I pushed “submit”.  A huge step for me.

A lesson learned from America’s Next Author:  read the guidelines carefully.  I misunderstood reviews and votes as cumulative.  In actual fact, they only accumulate for each round (one week each) and then the slate is wiped clean and you start all over again.

I’ve decided against aggressively promoting this as it means bugging the same people repeatedly for the next four weeks.  That’s not my style.  If you choose to vote for Leaf Chronicles, I appreciate it but, in no way, am I hounding my readership or friends.

Writing Leaf Chronicles was not a waste.  It was a good learning experience and helped me feel more comfortable in my writing skin, even though the story is not historical fiction.

Finally, I spoke with a woman whose goal is to write 100 stories in 100 days.  She  conducts interviews via Skype and writes stories based on people’s lives.  Her stories are based on difficult life circumstances and mine is no exception.

I opened up about particular traumatic events, how I finally, at 49, took control to ensure I would never be in the same situation again and the personal costs of my self-protection actions.

I requested my story be anonymous.  I will not be sharing the story when it goes live as I do not wish cause further grief.  It is my hope my story will resonate with others in a similar situation and be supportive.

All in all, if I accomplish nothing else this week, I feel I’ve made major progress in my life journey and, most importantly, have no regrets.