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Measure Your Self-Worth By Your Standards – Not Others

It is one of the greatest challenges we humans face: how not to compare our self-worth compared to what we believe others possess. It is pervasive in all areas of our lives. We need to remind ourselves constantly this is a self-defeatist attitude. Here’s your reminder.

Indie Chat with Author Maria Grace

Maria Grace stops by Indie Chat to share with us her latest release, Twelfth Night at Longbourn.

Indie Chat with Author Ginger Myrick

Find out what makes this prolific historical fiction writer tick; and a few other tidbits as well. Right here!

When Did Historical Fiction Become Historical Faction?

I am intimidated. I am nearly paralyzed. Why? One vowel explains it here.

Indie Chat with Beverle Graves Myers – Author of the Tito Amato Series

Drop in for the inaugural Indie Chat! My guest is Beverle Graves Myers – Author of the historical mystery  The Tito Amato Series. Join us here.

Motto Reveal

I never make New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions, as we all know, are tenuous. Instead, I believe in achieving a goal that is tangible, doable, positive and – hopefully – a self-improvement. I call this a “motto”. You’re gonna love my motto for 2014! Click on motto.

Guest Post on Richard Stephenson ~ How To Build A Twitter Following

Richard Stephenson, author of Collapse, was kind enough to invite me to write a guest post on How to Build a Twitter Following.  Click here for my thoughts.

Guaranteed 4* Plus Historical Fiction Novels ~ Available at Darlene’s Amazon Store

I have been busy setting up “Darlene’s Amazon Store“.  I was stalled for a while due to my technology challenged brain.  But it’s all sorted out now.

Darlene’s Amazon Store features only historical fiction novels I personally rate 4* or higher.  If I have not actually read the novel, I have pre-approved it by via reading the Amazon sample.  This my method of determining whether I will accept an author’s novel for review and it hasn’t let me down yet!

There are already about 140 historical fiction novels listed, with many more coming in every day.  Some I’ve searched out and others authors requested to be included.

There is a good mix of indie (or self-published) and traditionally published authors.  I have chosen to display Kindle books but, if you’re looking to purchase a traditionally published author, check out the paperback price first.  Most often it is lower.

I hope Darlene’s Amazon Store will be a success for both authors and myself.  Great exposure for authors and a little commission for me to help me take the time out from potentially money-making (I hope!) writing for reviews.

I review historical fiction novels and promote them for free.   Any support is greatly appreciated by authors and myself.


Battle of the Book Review Blogs

Monday, September 3, 2012 was the last day for voting for Darlene Elizabeth Williams HF Reviews.  The last time I checked the results before the poll was taken down, it looked like I had a comfortable lead.

Writer on the Run certainly kept me on my toes with 2 strong comeback attempts, so I’m not taking anything for granted.

The winner will be announced on Friday, September 7, 2012.  If I’m correct and in first place, I will be writing a review of an indie author which will be featured on Underground Book Reviews in early September.  The indie author chosen already knows but, for the rest of you, it’s a surprise!

I’ll report in as soon as I hear.  Fingers crossed.

Thank you everyone who voted.  It is appreciated very much.

Darlene Elizabeth Williams Author Website Needed Pizazz!

I’ve seen a few authors promoting their new websites.  They look fabulous.  Then I thought about my own.  Boring.

I wanted simple without a whole bunch of images blasting at you.  The pendulum swung too far in the plain end of the spectrum.

So, now I’m trying this new look on for size.

So, my wonderful visitors, leave me a comment.  Like it?  Dislike it?  If I don’t receive comments, I’ll assume you are entranced!

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