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New Review – Nobody’s Slave by Tim Vicary

Cruelty knows no bounds, but neither does forgiveness.  Nobody’s Slave by Tim Vicary.

Alice Hoffman’s Birthday Blog Hop!

I was delighted to be asked to participate in a birthday blog hop in honor of author, Alice Hoffman.  It gave me another opportunity to rave about one of the best novels I’ve read.  Now you have to go look, because I didn’t name the novel!

New Review – To the Fair Land by Lucienne Boyce

My review of the Lucienne Boyce’s To the Fair Land is here.  A thoroughly enjoyable read.

New Review ~ Flower from Castile ~ Book One: The Alhambra Decree by Lilian Gafni

The first historical fiction novel review from Lilian Gafni’s Flower From Castile trilogy – The Alhambra Decree – is now available.  Just click here!

New Review ~ Shadow on The Crown by Patricia Bracewell

My review of Patricia Bracewell’s debut historical fiction novel, Shadow on The Crown, is live.  Especially timed for launch day!

Guest Post on Rhoda Baxter’s Inheritance Books

Rhoda Baxter graciously allowed me to guest on her blog about what book I inherited from a previous generation and what book I would leave for the next generation.  Curious?

New Review – The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau

Drop in and discover an amazing debut historical fiction novel, The Crown, by Nancy Bilyeau.

New Review – Sons of The Wolf by Paula Lofting

My review of Paula Lofting’s historical fiction novel Sons of the Wolf is now published and awaiting you!  Click here.

New Review ~ The Forever Queen by Helen Hollick

My review of Helen Hollick’s epic historical fiction novel  The Forever Queen is posted and awaits you.  The first in the Saxon Series, I already have the 2nd and longing for the day when I get to start it.  Read my review to find out why.

2012 Reflections

2012 was a challenging year.  I reflected on those challenges and how I plan to meet obstacles in 2013 with a determined and purposeful mind.  Take a moment to read my philosophy and, hopefully, feel inspired.

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