Copy Editor & Proofreader

Darlene Elizabeth Williams
Copy Editor & Proofreader

I am what is commonly known as a “word nerd”. In other words, I truly enjoy what many authors dread: editing. I am a perfectionist and editing suits this characteristic to a tee.


There is something about helping another’s words sing that resonates deep within me. I love the collaboration between author and editor. The magic of assisting an author bring a manuscript to life never ceases to excite me.


My number one rule is always maintain the author’s voice. It is the author’s work, and the author retains ultimate control of the manuscript. I respect this, and my suggestions are just that: suggestions.


I am an Indie author. Through Darlene Elizabeth Williams HF Reviews I support Indie authors. I continue to support Indie author with my editing and proofreading services. My rates are 40 to 60 percent less than the common denominator, dependent on the depth of editing services required. The more an author edits the manuscript, the less the editing charges are.


In the ocean of self-publishing, it is impossible to stay afloat without a professionally edited manuscript. Readers are highly critical of Indie authors and do not hesitate to bring attention to faults in the manuscript. Poor reviews because of distracting grammatical and typographical errors are sales killers.


With my affordable rates, you can have your manuscript edited and/or proofread. Your manuscript needs every advantage possible to succeed.



“…commend you on the professional presentation of your work. The fact I live on the other side of the world to you, made not the slightest difference.  I will be happy to recommend your services to other writers.”

Margaret Muir, Author

“Though I thought I had my article pretty well polished, I was surprised to see many changes by Darlene that I agree were needed. It convinced me all the more that a writer needs another trained eye on their manuscript. I also appreciate Darlene’s friendly manner.”

Debra Brown, Author
Debra Brown’s Amazon Author’s Page

“A great job! I go over my stuff with a fine tooth comb, but Darlene Williams, with her sharp eye and thoroughness, not only found errors I didn’t even know were errors, but improved the content and vocabulary of my manuscript, too. Highly recommended. You won’t go wrong here!”

Linda Banche, Author
Linda Banche’s Amazon Author’s Page

“Darlene Williams proofread a nonfiction book for me on short notice. She was thorough and efficient, and I recommend her highly.”

Susan Higginbotham, AuthorSusan Higginbotham’s Amazon Author’s Page




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