Wow! After more than one year, I finally had the time to figure out why my website wasn’t working. Turns out I had exceeded my database. I didn’t want to delete previous posts because I know visitors are still interested in historical fiction reviews and Indie Chats. So, I purchased an expanded database.

Much has happened during 2014 and 2015. I’ve been busy with my editing work and loving every moment of it. There have been  great books published and a forthcoming debut novel by a friend, whom I will brag about when her teen sci-fi is published.

The Historical Novel Society Conference in Denver is fast approaching on June 26th. I am pleased to announce Stephanie Hopkins Moore, Amy Phillips Bruno, Erin Davies, and myself will be conducting a historical fiction review workshop. If you are an author and want to learn what readers are seeking, be sure to drop by for the seminar.

Jenny Quinlan asked me to partner with her in an editing workshop at the HNS Conference. I am honored to be planning this workshop with Jenny Q. Lots of excellent advice coming your way regarding the nuances particular to historical fiction. Sunday morning from 8 am – 9 am.

A momentous occasion in my life has been the publication of my first nonfiction book,<em> Freelance Writing Express – How to Earn $$$ Within Two Week</em>s. This book is the result of my experiences as a freelance writer and my desire to assist aspiring freelance writers achieve their dream of a successful career.

Now I’m learning about the marketing process. Gah!

Finally, the time has come for me to begin a fiction novel. I’m poking around and looking for inspiration.

It’s great to be back in business, and I shall be writing more soon!