I find I write many blog posts off-the-cuff, especially when something catches me on fire.  Right now, I’ve reached an inferno temperature.

I was checking out various hashtags on Twitter to see how I can connect with prospective freelance writers.  Writers who want to earn a decent living, without compromising themselves, their family lives or social activities.  There has to be a life-work balance in any occupation.

I came across a company – which shall remain nameless at this point – claiming to be an academic writing services.  The company description set off fire alarm bells.

The inferno erupted when I read an assignment offered:   Thesis; 2 pages; Academic level:  Masters; Payment: $12.

Firstly, there are ethical issues.  Secondly, they want a graduate or post-graduate to write this. Thirdly, someone is likely to take the assignment.

My boat is consumed by the conflagration.  No freelance writer should ever feel compelled to accept an assignment such as this.


Virtual Freelance Writer ~ Real Income ( Coming Summer 2013)